naava whipped body butter

The Naava whipped body butter is the first in line out of the Naava skincare line of organic products. These body butters are made out of natural and organic ingredients with no parabens and preservatives.

The formula is lightweight, yet nourishing and moisturizing without clogging your skin. It absorbs in beautifully. We have used a combination of lightweight non comedogenic oils such as grapeseed, sweet almond, and jojoba. We also have a combination of mango and cocoa butter. Babassu is very unique in our mix, it's our alternative to coconut oil. You get all the benefits of coconut and more, without the weight of coconut oil which tends to take a while to be absorbed by the skin.

 We believe in the luxurious qualities of our body butters. Hence we can proudly say this butter will be great for all skin types, including those that are sensitive and acne prone.



shea butter

The main ingredient in our whipped butter is Shea butter. Ours being sourced straight of west Africa, is unrefined and absolutely raw. Quick facts about Shea for your skin are listed as follows. Its highly moisturizing and an anti inflammatory. It protects your skin against free radicals. It is rich in vitamin A, E, & F. It restores skin elasticity, and fades dark marks and scars. It softens skin and tames irritated skin just to name a few benefits of this amazing butter.

babassu oil

Babassu oil is our alternative to coconut oil with all the benefits of coconut oil and more. It serves as a great emollient for both oily and dry skin. Although similar to coconut, it is not as oily as coconut on the skin and absorbs quicker. This makes it a preferred alternative especially by those with oily skin. It is rich in vitamin E and phytosterols adding to its anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties. Its fatty acids components are lauric, myristic, palmitic, oleic and stearic all adding to its skin loving properties. It adds a silky feel to our body butters.



grapeseed oil

Nutrient rich grapeseed oil has been around for many centuries. It is a very lightweight oil that won't clog your pores. It acts as a moisturizer, anti-aging agent, and can treat dry flaky skin, acne and many other skin problems. It contains linoleic acid, which strengthens cell membranes and is great for promoting overall health of the skin. Its astringent properties aid its skin tightening properties. This oil is not just ideal in viscosity, but also highly rich in beta-carotene & vitamins D, C, and E.